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 Reasonistas CoreReLation Phase Analyzer (CORE) provides intuitively designed tools and visual mixing aids, essential for detecting and treating phasing and stereo imaging issues to ensure a proper mix balance.  Download a free 30 day trial at the Propellerhead Software shop.

Reasonistas SideChain ReAction Enveloper (SCRE) is the first Reason Rack Extension plugin fully dedicated and optimized for multiband sidechaining (ducking) any incoming audio right out the box.  Download a free 30 day trial at the Propellerhead Software shop.

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Reasonistas partners with premier plugin developers and sound designers to offer you one-of-a-kind and inspirational #pluginTEES.  These products look and feel great, allowing you to show the world that music making is near and dear to your heart. More plugin developers and sound designers collections are coming, so visit us often.

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