Using Double Busses for Easy Level Adjustment

So you've just drawn an automation clip for an instrument in Reason.  You have just the right curve, but the level is way off.  Now what?  Do you redraw your automation?  Here is a quick tip to help you save loads of time when confronted with this scenario.

We are going to use 2 bus lanes, one for automation and one for level control, as shown in the below:

First link your instrument mix channels to a bus lane (here we named it "Auto Bus"), then automate this lane. Next link the "Auto Bus" lane to another bus (here we named it "Level Bus"), this is your level lane. I usually pick a similar color to differentiate between what is automation and what is midi or audio lane. The similar color also lets me know what that automation track belongs to.

Now you draw your automation. No matter what its always going to do the same thing, vary between 0 and peak volume. I usually set that peak to 0dB (unity gain). I also try to ensure that the audio coming from the track is hitting the 0dB plane in the automation bus to allow for precises adjustments from the "Level Bus". You may need to use a maximizer in your Combinator achieve this.

Once you have your automation drawn, you simply adjust your "Level Bus" to achieve balance in your mix. This Technique will also allow you to have incredibly complex parallel setups with out destroying your instruments shape and color.

Hope this quick tip is helpful.  Please feel free to comment below.

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