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Welcome to Reasonistas Interviews, episode 6.  

In this episode, Reasonistas contributor Sabastian Weaver caught up with Ed Gool of Oenkenstein Audio, based The Hague.  So, sit back and enjoy Ed’s journey to developing Rack Extensions. Cheers!

Sabastian Weaver

Ed Gool of Oenkenstein Audio

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Rack Extension Developer
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Question 1

Sabastian: What has dragged you into the world of music?

Ed: I have to think, as that is already a long time ago. I took guitar lessons at the age of twenty two. Thought I would be famous and rich making Rock and Roll. Later on I learned playing the piano and started making music on a computer with MIDI and then came Reason. Simulated hardware in a virtual studio on a PC. That caught me.

Question 2 
Sabastian: How did you learn about Reason?

Ed: I already knew Recycle, it was packed with with a Steinberg Cubase version. A friend had a CD of Rebirth and often visited my place to make Acid House music. Through a British computer music magazine I heard about Reason, went to a local Guitar Centre in The Hague and bought Reason.

Question 3  
Sabastian: What was the inspiration of your Rumble synthesizer?

Ed: The Kawai K1. It's keyboard had some keys not working properly and needed repair. Before opening the hardware Kawai, I wanted to have a backup of samples, sounds and instruments. Just to be sure. I started making a Refill in May 2016. In October 2016 I got hands on developers tools and the Refill was converted into an IDT. I still have to fix the keys though.

Here is Rumble's video introduction:

Question 4
Sabastian: You own a Kawai K1?

Ed: Yes. It has serial number 161806 and is made in 1985. It is a miracle that the electronic parts of the device are still working as it has power on whole day. Very sturdy device, never fails, except some of it's keys on the keyboard.

Question 5 
Sabastian: What are your three favorite features of Reason?

Ed: The Combinator, then the NN-XT as it can be used to emulate as a synthesizer and the Spider CV / Audio Splitter and Merger.

Question 6 
Sabastian: What are your most wanted features in Reason?

Ed: That is a hard question to answer, almost everything I want to do is already present in Reason. Sample loading in synthesizers in one. Nested Combinators, a Combinator in a Combinator is a wanted feature and also the ability to sync video with Reason on an easy way.

Question 7 
Sabastian: Do you plan on making more Rack Extensions after Rumble?

Ed: Oh yes. The future is looking bright. I want to mimic more synthesizers from the eighties and extend functions on the next Rumble. I also would like collaborate with Refill makers and convert their Refills into IDT's.

Question 8
Sabastian: Are you going to keep it to IDT devices?

Ed: Yes. Perhaps I'll learn the programming language C and more about DSP coding in general, but I am not planning to extend my knowledge to make a full flexed Rack Extension in the near future.

Question 9 
Sabastian: Are you going to give Reasonistas a sneak peak or a hint of your next RE after Rumble?

Yes, I will extend the current sample library in Rumble K1 and implement some feature requests made during beta testing. There is this crazy idea to make a kind of international counter translator database where users can provide and share recordings of counting numbers in their native language. The updates of Rumble K1 will be free to users who bought the first release version. I am also planning to make an emulation of an Ensoniq synthesizer. When a new release is there, Reasonistas will be the first organisation I will let know the good news.

Question 10
Sabastian: Well thanks for the interview Ed. Rumble looks to be very unique. Congratulations with the Release. Thanks for allowing us to interview you!

Ed: Thank you for your questions and time.

Alright fellow Reasonistas there you have it! Another insightful interview with Ed of Oenkenstein Audio. As always, feel free to comment below if you have any questions for Sabastian or Ed. You can also find out more about Oenkenstein Audio’s Rack Extension devices at the following:

@Oenkenstein Audio

Oenkenstein Audio’s Device Rack:

@Propellerhead Software AB
Oenkenstein Audio’s Shop Page:

Until next time, happy music making and keep it Reason-able!

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