About Reasonistas

Reasonistas was founded in 2012 by Noel G., a veteran Reason user and active contributor to the Reason community.

We are the creators of SideChain ReAction Enveloper (SCRE), the first and only Rack Extension fully dedicated and optimized for multiband ducking and unparalleled envelope shaping in Reason.

Reasonistas also partners with premier plugin developers and sound designers to offer you one-of-a-kind and inspirational#pluginTEES. These products look and feel great, allowing you to show the world that music making is near and dear to your heart.

The “Reason” in Reasonistas is obvious, but what is meant by “-istas”?  The –ista suffix comes from Latin and before that Ancient Greek -ιστής ‎(-istḗs). The derived English variant of this suffix is –ist, used in words like “pianist,” “futurist,” “annalist,” and so on. These types of words describe a person in relation to an activity, principle, or doctrine. This suffix is also often used in Spanish. For example: periódico ‎(“newspaper”) periodista ‎(“journalist”).  All this to say Reason users are Reasonistas.

What's so unique about Reasonistas?
Do you want to know how many Compressors or Parsec Refills are available in the Propellerhead Shop?  Are you on a budget and need to know what you can buy for $9.00, what is on sale, or how many devices are free?  Well, now there are real-time Propellerhead Shop Inventories for Rack Extensions and Refills that you can search or filter to your heart’s content.  We've sliced and diced the Propellerhead Shop so you can easily find what you're looking for, without hassle. If that's not enough to keep you entertained for days, we've also created a dedicated Reason RackRefill Stand, Combinator Backdrop Rack and Reasonistas Forum for Native Reason Devices, Rack Extensions and Refills available in the Propellerhead Software Shop, as explained below:
  • Reason Rack - There are dedicated virtual Reason Racks for all Native Reason Devices and Rack Extensions. Each Rack Extension Developer has their own dedicated Reason Rack showing all of their devices in alphabetical order. We also created dedicated Reason Racks to show which devices are free, on sale, leaked or discontinued. Hovering your mouse over devices will toggle to the device's back panel. Clicking on devices will take you to that device’s dedicated forum with additional links to its Propellerhead Software Shop page.

  • Refill Stand - Similar to the Reason Racks, each Refill Developer has their own dedicated Refill Stand.  This allows you to quickly see and browse through each Developer's Refills with ease.  Clicking on Refills will take you to that Refill's dedicated forum with additional links to its Propellerhead Software Shop page or the Refill Developer's own shop if not available via Propellerhead's shop.

  • Combinator Backdrop Rack - There are many people in the Reason community creating excellent Combinator Backdrops (aka Combi Skins).  In addition to Reasonstas' very own Backdrops, we've searched the web for other publicly available Combinator Backdrops and created a dedicated Combinator Backdrop Rack for each of the following themes:  Rack Extensions, Reason Devices, Hardware and Misc.  Out of respect and appreciation for each Combinator Backdrop Developer, we've linked each image directly to their website so you can personally thank them for sharing their work.  Reasonistas' private collection of Combinator Backdrops link to the device's Shop page.

  • Reasonistas Forum - Yes, there already a handful of well-established and great Reason forums/resources on the web.  The 5 most commonly visited are:

All of these resources were created by people passionate about Reason and music production and should be supported.  Reasonistas was created to compliment these resources, not compete with them.  That being said, if you are looking for a forum with unique thread structure, then Reasonistas Forum is the place for you.  How?  As mentioned above, every Native Reason Device, Rack Extension, Refill, and Developer have a dedicated forum linked to the Reason Racks and Refill Stands.  This means Reasonistas' Forum is thoroughly structured like no other forum before it. You won't need to contend with double or triple threads on the same topic. Like it or not, Reasonistas's Forum does not offer “other” sub-forums to discuss non-Propellerhead Software related topics. This is Reasonistas (in my “This is Sparta” voice)!

What else can you look forward to?
As in the past, we will continue to post Rack Extension device "leaks" and inform users when there is a call for beta testers (with developer approval of course). With your participation, we will continue to co-host Rack Extension Developer Song Challenges and coordinate Reason Community Refills.  We've also introduced "Reasonistas Interviews".  These are interviews with Music Producers, Audio Engineers, Musicians, Songwriters and Live Performers/DJs using Reason and other Propellerhead Software products. We will also interview Refill Developers, Rack Extension Developers and founders of other Reason resources on the web to learn and grow together.

Register, participate and you'll soon realize what makes this website and our forum a uniquely satisfying experience for Reason and non-Reason users, and Refill and Rack Extension developers alike.

Oh, one last thing: "Trust me, I'm a scientist" and a professional data organizer.