Reason Plugin Slider

Use Reasonistas' Reason Plugin Slider (RPS) to visually compare Reason plugin updates.  Use the red slider at the bottom left of each device to visually compare new and old versions of Reason devices and Rack Extensions.
Note:  Devices are sorted by developer name first and device name second. 

AirRaid Audio
 - Elements Filter (Dynamic Filter)

Jiggery-Pokery Sound
 - Chenille Chorus Ensemble (The Hallelujah Chorus)

Jiggery-Pokery Sound
 - Steerpike BBD Delay Ensemble (Multi-Tap Delay)

Jiggery-Pokery Sound
 - Titus BBD Delay Line

Lectric Panda LLC
 - PSQ-1684 (CV Pulse Sequencer)

Propellerhead - Dr. Octo Rex (Rex Loop Player) 

 Propellerhead - Parsec (Spectral Synthesizer)

Propellerhead - RV7000 MkII (Advanced Convolution Reverb)

Red Rock Sound
 - Measure (Loudness Meter)

Studio Corbach - Mixfood Ambi Nature (Ambiance-creator)

Studio Corbach - Mixfood Orange (Sample-based Synth)

zvork - Oberon Synthesizer (Additive Synthesizer)